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Passion List

My passion list


Throughout the course of my life I have come to be really passionate about some things. Below is a short list of births that I would love to be apart of and offer something special for the mamas and families who consider me to be apart of their team. 

single mothers

I was raised by a single mother, as an only child. My heart swells with love for single mothers. I love photographing these births, there is just something so breathtaking about them. Because of this I offer something special just for these strong mamas.

Teen mothers

When I became pregnant with my first I was fresh out of high school; the tender age of 18. It was incredibly difficult, but I wouldn't trade it for all the gold in the world. I love hearing teen mom stories, the struggles, the perseverance. It's inspiring to so many. I so wish someone would have told me about birth photography, or offered such a thing to me when I was pregnant. That was undoubtedly the single most pivotal moment in my life. I want to offer my service to those going through a similar season in life so that they can look back on that day later and show their children just how strong they really are.


Adoption runs deep in my family, and I would really love to give back to those families that are giving so much to these babies. 


Loss photography is something very dear to my heart. This topic is not just birth specific, but also applies to family members in hospice care, or otherwise fatally ill. I have been asked to photograph for a dear friend's mother who was sick with cancer. I have also documented my own great grandmother's last days as she was in the hospital, surrounded by family. I am in the process of applying to NILMDTS and would like to offer loss photography here as well. It is something that weighs heavy on my heart, and I absolutely want to be able to open that up to whoever may need it.