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From Belly to Baby - Colorado Springs Maternity and Newborn Photography

Yvette has been a friend to me since I moved back to Colorado Springs around 2004. We were in middle school when we met. Of course as time moves on, like it always does, we moved along with it. We hadn't been close for awhile, but keeping up with each other over Facebook, and mutual friends. The years past and the time came when we both started to have our babies and start our families. I am grateful in this instance for social media and all it can offer. Watching people I once knew so well as a child myself, having children is quite humbling. Things start to come into perspective, and you realize every moment is precious. 

I was blessed with the opportunity to capture these treasured moments for her and her family. Of course I couldn't resist it! I mean look at this gorgeous family...

And then there were four! Look at these precious baby parts!...

Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer Brezi Merryman