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I believe in an empowered birth, and that every woman should have one. After having my first daughter in a hospital and my second daughter at home, the experience and contrast of those two drive my passion for every unique birth I witness. I’ve stood beside nearly 60 women and watched them birth fearlessly. Whether in a bed, a pool, or an operating room, I’ve had the honor of documenting new lives and the creation of families in Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. To me, photography allows me to create artful images of the single most important day in a family’s life. I stop time with these pictures, that will outlive you and I, to be treasured for generations to come.
I turned 25 this year and the realization of how fast that has flown past me has really sunk in. I cannot waste another precious moment I have with my kiddos, and knowing this, I know neither can YOU. I document a mother's love for her children, a father's warmth for his family, a child's innocent heart and soul just as it is. And I would love to create beautifully authentic images for your family to treasure as well.
Please enjoy a few of mine..